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An engaging BC training, driving a culture of preparedness and resilience in organizations through an online simulation-based serious game


Heat Wave



Cyber Attack


BCG Objectives
  • Learn BCM principles through hands-on experience

  • Enhance BCM awareness and maturity

  • Practice BCP in a risk-free environment

  • Improve BC skills through real-time feedback

  • Understand interdependencies and cascading effects

  • Develop strategic and collaborative decision-making skills

  • Foster teamwork and collaboration

“Life isn't about
waiting for the storm
to pass; it's about
learning how to dance
under the rain.”

Go through the different simulation steps to develop a BCP:

  • Take the role of Business Continuity Manager

  • Prepare for a realistic scenario

  • Develop a Business Impact Analysis

  • Assess risks and interdependencies

  • Analyse business recovery solutions

  • Set your BC strategy to minimize total BCP costs

  • Simulate scenarios, reflect and improve

  • Enhance resilience against external factors

  • Develop coordinated BCPs

  • Critically discuss pros and cons of alternative approaches

BCG Options and Setups

​Auto-parts manufacturer located in Europe, in a region highly exposed to seismic risk. Carware’s finished products require the assembly of two different types of parts, one produced internally and the other ordered externally.

One of the major electricity distributors in Europe and it sells it selectricity to different providers that then serve different categories of users.

One of the major logistic providers in Europe and it offers a wide range of logistic services to businesses and households, always guaranteeing fast and reliable deliveries.

BCG Flow
BCG Strategy Setting
Simulation Outputs Overview
BCG Training Offers
  1. Full BCP course delivery – Short

    • 1 day (8 hours)

    • BC gaming session; Single/Multi-player setups; Up to 40 attendees

  2. Full BCP course delivery - Long

    • 2 days (16 hours)

    • Introduction to BC concepts

    • BC gaming session; Single/Multi-player setups; Up to 40 attendees

  3. Train-the-trainer course

    • 1 day (8 hours)

    • Training session on the usage of the BCG platform; Up to 5 attendees

  4. Platform license


Developed as part of RemLab project funded by the EC under the Erasmus+ program

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