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Good Practices for CIR - survey

Our research center, in collaboration with CIRINT.NET – Critical Infrastructure Resilience International Network (, is conducting a study to identify and assess Good Practices (GPs) for Critical Infrastructure Resilience.

By means of an extensive literature and internet search, 54 GPs have been selected and divided into processes/procedures, on one side, and solutions and tools (mainly IT), on the other. Then, a generalised classification of types of activities and functionalities has been created, able to cover the entire spectrum of GPs’ contents and objectives.

The questionnaire is designed to collect experts’ judgements for linking the list of activities and functionalities, covered by the selected GPs, with a generalised taxonomy of Emergency Management capabilities. In particular, we aim at assessing the importance (positive contribution) that the former may have in building the latter.

We kindly ask you to support this study by filling the questionnaire at the following link:

All the information collected will remain confidential. The data will be processed anonymously and as soon as the analysis of the collected responses will be completed, we will provide you a report with the results of the study.

The estimated time for completing it is approximately 20 minutes.

We would like to express our thanks for the time spent and the valuable feedback!

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