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Business Continuity Game - available to test

The Business Continuity Game (BCG) is an online simulation-based serious game designed for professionals and students to master business continuity planning through realistic, interactive scenarios. This immersive experience transforms traditional training into engaging and practical BC planning challenges, emphasizing hands-on experience and providing instant feedback.

The continuity of essential services delivered by Critical Infrastructure (CI) and critical business activities during disasters is crucial to safeguard citizens and local economies. The main challenges include the increasing complexity of CI systems, a multi-stakeholder environment, and emerging risks. These challenges are further compounded by resource constraints faced by organizations, including those related to personnel training programs necessary for building a resilient culture and shared awareness. Preparedness for disruptions and coordinated efforts are of paramount importance to ensure the continuity of CI services and business activities during disasters.

BCG provides a comprehensive training solution, equipping participants with the skills to develop robust continuity plans to handle real-world disruptions effectively, ensuring their organizations can withstand and quickly recover from any crisis. Participants learn to navigate the complexities of dependencies, risks, recovery options, and resources, promoting a holistic understanding of interconnected systems. The game’s collaborative environment fosters teamwork and strategic thinking, ensuring that every participant leaves with a deeper understanding of BC principles and practices.


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